Get the most amazing souvenir photos from one of the most amazing events you'll ever attend! 

"Seashells by the Seashore" - A frame shot in Nassau during the 2015 Salty Dog Cruise by David Wells/Ikon Photographs.

Ikon Photographs announces it's "Salty Dog Souvenir Sessions" for the 2016 Salty Dog Cruise.


To all our “Boat People” (both old salts and new hands alike),

This cruise is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  (or twice if this is your second go round!)

You should treat yourself to some keep sake images that match!

Sabrina and I operate Ikon Photographs LLC in St. Louis, Mo.  We shoot weddings, family portraits, events and fine art.   I know it sounds like a little of everything, and it is.  That’s the fun of things when you went to art school to be trained as an “artiste’ “ :)


"WE'RE ON THE BOAT!!!"  David and Sabrina Wells, Co-Owners of Ikon Photographs LLC of St. Louis, Missouri.

To see a sampling of the images we shot on 2015's Salty Dog Cruise, go check out this gallery! 


Last year, we booked a few couples during the cruise for some photography just out of the blue.  -It seems we love our work so much, we even bring it with us on vacation! 


We’re planning on going again this next March for Salty Dog 2016!


However, we can't make it onto the boat without your help.  We are of modest means.  Booking those couples at the last minute last year, actually make the trip "doable" for us.

So in a way, we need our Salty Dog Family to help us out and let us work for you while you're on the boat! 

We want you to have some AMAZING “souvenirs” of the time of your life.  To do that, we’re offering a special “Salty Dog Session” in which you get your very own personal photographer for a certain amount of time.  We can shoot fun party scenes.  We can shoot romantic stuff with you and your significant other.  We can shoot whatever you really want to that will make this trip even more memorable for you than anything else!  You get the luxury of your own professional paparazzo while on vacation.  Not just a quick “grip and grin” of a souvenir photo against some cheesy backdrop or even a photoshopped greenscreen…


We’re also going to make sure that we make as many shows as we can and we shoot a BUNCH of photos at the shows.

Just a couple of the many awesome images of the bands that we shot during the cruise!

When we get home, we’re going to edit all the images up and you’ll get the images from your session and a few from the shows of your choice to sweeten the deal and any from the "Random Saltyness" folder that we have for that year.


We’ve even already figured out the logistics of things and how to get everyone scheduled so that we can get everyone the time they want.  We’re going to have a sign up schedule on our door, so that once the daily schedule comes out each day, you can plan your photography around what you want to do.  You come by the room, sign up, tell us where to be and we make it happen! We'll also provide you with our room numbers and "fail safes" to make sure that you can get ahold of us to make sure that you get what you paid for! 


Don’t wait…Contact us ASAP to book your session, get your paperwork/details and prepay your package.


For any questions, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 314.623.4272 or check us out on Facebook. 


Pricing Info:


“Salty Dog Session” – 30 minutes of your choice of location ON THE BOAT, with 10 digital images, completely edited and retouched available via download.  - $100 –Currently we have 8 spots still available!

“Shore Leave” – 30 minutes of you/yours shot on shore either in Nassau or Great Stirrup Cay with 10 digital images available via download $150 –We’ll be in Nassau from beginning to end and can link up with you where we’ll shoot –You make sure we get where we’re going if its way out!  -Currently, we have 5 of the 5 slots available.



“Salty Souvenir Shots” – Will shoot you/yours for a couple of quick snaps for $25 for 2 full res shots.  You get em via download once we get back.   Great for profile pics on social media or a great keep sake once you’re back and still hungover!  We currently have all 10 of 10 slots available.


The Salty Dog, Shore Leave, and Sundowner all will include a few pro shots of the bands that we shoot during the shows while we’re on board and on shore.  These will make KILLER photos to frame once you get home!  


You’ll even have access to the wide variety of shots that we’ll be shooting on the boat, at the shows and on the shore leaves…If you see something you really like…The digital negative is yours! A perfect way of adding awesome images to your scrapbook without all the pain in the butt of remembering to bring your phone/camera etc…


Don’t wait too long.  As time goes on, more people are booking/scheduling their sessions!  Don’t miss your chance to get the most awesome photos of the most awesome time of your life! *We will update this page with session availability as it changes.

Thanks for reading and “One Love” ya’ll!

David and Sabrina

To see a more complete portfolio of the work we do, head over to