How to buy our wonderful images and keep your dollars local and small at the same time.

Indian CornIndian CornIndian Corn always says "fall" with it's colorful kernels that literally share all the colors of the fall harvest.

We have people who ask all the time, why they can't order online from our website.  The answer is simple and it involves the words, quality and integrity.  Our website service offers partnerships in online order fulfillment from national photolabs.  They do a good enough job for most people, but we have access locally to one of the best print shops in the midwest (if not US at large).  They're local, they're small/family owned and thus they're like us! We also aren't charged any surcharge to simply "process" an order from a website this way, that means more $ saved for you!

We're a bit old school when it comes to ordering.  We like to use that local, independently owned print shop.  Their quality (like ours) is amazing.  Their customer service (like ours) is awesome.   They (like us) treat each client with integrity and dignity.  When you walk into their counter, it is like you are the ONLY person there even if there is a room full of people picking up orders (and there usually is...).  We value that and know that our own family of clients would to.

When you spend your money with us, we turn around and spend it with another local small business.  Your $ stays local. The quality stays high and you get the best and most affordable products you possible can from us.


With all that said...

How do you order?

That's easy!  You simply note the image file names/numbers.  Email us with the info.  We'll get back to you with a quote for the price of the prints, shipping (if any) and a time-frame when to expect a final product.  We'll send you an invoice via email.  You can pay either via credit card online or cash in person.  We do accept checks, but they are subject to a processing hold which might slow down your shipment.   Ordering in this way also  gives us yet another opportunity to talk to each other and make sure that we're on the same page with what you want/need.

 We're not some schmoozey salesmen, in fact, we don't like sales any more than our family of clients do.  We do things low pressure!  We know you know what you want, and we want to get it to you! 

If you EVER have any questions, issues, requests, needs or even just want to shoot the breeze, pick up the phone or email us...We might not pick up the phone every single time as we work a lot from home, so we may be chasing toddlers or be in the middle of a consultation, but we promise, you'll either talk to David or Sabrina.    No matter how big/successful we may get, you'll always get one or the other of us on the phone.  That's how we do business.


Standard Gallery Print Pricing Info: (Prices are current until 12/31/14)


We are offering 11"x14" framed/matted/signed wall art prints for $100 plus S/H. 

Print Size (Print Only-No frame/mat) Cost Shipping (US)
5x7  $20 $10/5
8x12 or 11x14 $35 $20/5
12x24 $100 $20/2
Metal or Canvas  Contact  Contact

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