Our main photographer and co-owner, David Wells, is an accomplished artist in a variety of media. He has work on display in numerous collections in North America. His passion is in taking ordinary "things" and expressing the inherent and sacred beauty within them. The world around us is an awesome thing to behold. We miss so much of it going about our daily lives. Stopping and smelling the roses is one thing, but how many of us actually stop and behold the rose garden that is lurking within a patch of weeds? A few years ago, David realized a concept that he has come to call "Terra Recognita" a latin term he devised for "The Recognized Landscape". It is a concept of bearing witness to the spectacular beauty that is held within the most ordinary of places.

It would be easy to go to Sedona, Arizona or the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley or the Superstition Mountains out west and photograph them and say "Here it is...I have made ART!"

There is no doubt that it takes a certain eye to capture a landscape in a way that portrays its beauty to the viewer. But the Earth's natural beauty is "easy" in a ways. There are millions of beautiful views in landscapes like that. A real challenge lies in finding something spectacular to show people that they pass by a hundred times a year on their way back and forth to work.

That is the driving passion behind "Terra Recognita" and also what drives David in creating much of his art. Expressing the magnificent from the mundane. If you can make diamonds out of gravel, then you have really done something.
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