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If we've quoted master photographer and photojournalist Henry Cartier Bresson once, we've quoted him a thousand times. He pioneered a concept called "the decisive moment" as it applies to photography. It is an instant, expressed within a literal fraction (down to 1/8000th of a second on our cameras) which is when all the world converges together for one "moment decisif" (That's French for "You better be ready to take the picture." )
Your wedding day is a decisive moment comprised of hundreds if not thousand moments that are so precious that they deserved to be captured as beautifully and artistically as possible. Whether it's that instant that your husband/wife to be sees you all dressed, ready and waiting for you or the soft smile and warm tear that is upon the face of an honored guest at your ceremony, we aim to find those moments and capture them for you and yours and turn them into an expression of one of the most amazing and wonderful times of your life.
That's why we love weddings. It's what we do.