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"There is nothing in life which does not have a certain decisive moment."
That statement of the "decisive moment" by Master Photographer/Photo Journalist Henri Cartier Bresson is one of the driving philosophies of Ikon Photographs. Each image should indeed represent a certain decisive moment. What you get from us, is a whole collection (most times almost one thousand images) of decisive moments of your big day. The ceremony is certainly one big decisive moment. It is the bridging of families and friends, and the union of two people in a beautiful event. We are absolutely honored to be granted "witness" to each of our couple's ceremony. We take our jobs as "photo documentarians" of this event very serious. At Ikon Photographs we have an unofficial motto of "Get the shot no matter what." that means we do our dead level best to produce when "le moment decisif" presents itself. When you are snapping photos in thousandths of a second, you want someone who knows exactly what they're doing!