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Created 17-Apr-15
Modified 18-Sep-19
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Available as a set of 7 printed on 5x7 metal prints for $200USD all signed by D. Wells. Or individually as 12x18" Metal Prints for $100 each, also signed/numbered by D. Wells.

Elysium traditionally is a concept of the Ancient Greeks. It was a final resting place of heroes and the valiant. Those who had distinguished themselves in life would find themselves in the "Elysian Fields" generally practising whatever occupation they had in life. They had an ideal of "That which we do in life, echoes forever." These five images are representative of not only the Elysian Gates that guard the entrance to Elysium, but they also represent the five ages of our lives. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and finally Death/Spiritual Rebirth.
The actual story behind this landscape is an interesting one. These gates and cobblestone road were erected as sort of a real estate marketing ploy by a developer. When the economy hit a downturn, the developer sold the property to another owner where they have stood quietly by the roadside.
It is literally a scene that hundreds of cars drive by every day. It is located right off the side of a major thoroughfare. It was at the point when the "Terra Recognita" ideal that David had (i.e. recognizing the remarkable beauty in the ordinary landscape) was beginning to take shape when the first image (Summer) was made. He quickly had the notion to shoot a "four seasons" series of these beautiful gates and the landscape that it guards. The last "Elysium Unseen" is meant to represent the "spirit world" or our lives in death. It was actually shot in the infrared spectrum which is what gives it it's unique appearance. The whole series is soon to be offered for sale in a limited run of prints in metal for those wishing to own their own "Gates of Elysium".
Elysium SpringElysium SummerElysium FallElysium WinterElysium UnseenElysium in Snow.Opening the Gates to Elysium