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The Motor Hotel (Motel) is a rapidly disappearing icon of the American cultural landscape. These signs appear on the highway's horizon often in the same way that a mast of a sunken ship protrudes from it's watery grave. These signs remain to remind us of a better day and a good night's sleep. Each one of these images are "found" locations as we travel across this great nation of ours. They act as a witness to a bygone era. In the age of big corporate megahotels, these eerie reminders harken us back to a classic age. One that we should not forget. We have a "unique" criteria for the "No Place Like Home" series. These motels have to be done. They're no longer motels anymore. It truly makes their signage and the buildings ghost ships. This collection/series is like a graveyard, and the signs are the haunting masts protruding from the vanishing American landscape as they sink down into "progress".
The Sorry Motel.The DixonThe Garden Path.The Hill Crest."Support the Arts".The Lights Are On, but Nobody is home.The EastwoodFree Local CallsThe "Bonny"You can take the Country out of the Motel...Motel MonticelloThe Lazy L MotelThe Proud Hill Crest Motel.Stanton and Deliver...Stanton and Deliver II

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