At Ikon Photographs, we work hard to provide our family of clients with the absolute best photography possible. We combine a variety of "styles" to encompass all of your wants and needs for photographic art for your wedding.

David (one of the owners and primary photographer) is formally educated in a number of artistic media. He's just as comfortable shooting in a true photojournalist frame work (i.e. working in the moment, and using actual photojournalist/documentary techniques to tell the story) as he is working in his "artistic" mode to capture images that will end up with a surrealistic "fantasy like" quality.

To do so, he uses a wide variety of techniques, from creative lighting, color and tones, environmental qualities of a scene and some state of the art digital post processing (but not too much) to make an image a piece of art worth hanging on the walls of your home. He is an intensely creative artist who strives for perfection in each piece of work he creates. It's not just about "taking pictures" with us. It's about making images that last. We offer a wide array of products and services for our bridal family of clients.

Please feel free to CONTACT US for more information regarding our wedding photography services.
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