Ikon Photographs | Our Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise 2015 Adventure...

Our Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise 2015 Adventure...

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Flogging Molly KILLING IT in the aft deck Theater aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines "Sky" during the "Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise 2015" - An absolutely amazing event! ( -Photo by D. Wells -Ikon Photographs LLC.) 

We're big Flogging Molly fans...One of the first shows that Sabrina and I (David) attended together when we were dating was Flogging Molly in St. Louis at the Pageant Theater.  It's easy to say that they hold a special place in our hearts together.


Then they all came up with this idea...Put a bunch of Irish/Gypsy Punks on a boat and take it to the Caribbean for a few days...

When we originally heard the idea, we thought there was no way we could afford it.  Then we looked at prices and said..."Let's do this..." It was more than affordable!

It was literally an absolutely amazing, awesome, mystical, wonderful and enjoyable experience.  Ourselves, like many on the boat with us, had never made a cruise before...and it was the time of our lives.

In the prelude to the whole thing, we had another opportunity arise...A wonderful couple Melanie and Michael posted on a facebook group about the cruise asking if anyone were photographers on the boat...Of course, it being what we do, we spoke up.  It turned out that they were planning on either getting married on the boat or just prior to sailing.  We exchanged emails and private messages and decided to "do a deal" to provide them with some awesome images for their wedding photography...

Little did we know it would spiral from there...

This cruise is an amazing event.  The fans, the musicians/artists, the staff, the security...The whole thing was AMAZING...We knew that we'd want to do it again.

Here's some photos...

One of our "signature images" that we made of Melanie and Mike aboard the NCL "Sky" out in the middle of the Caribbean. (Special appearance by the planet Venus in the sky...) 

Melanie and Mike who are HUGE fans of Flogging Molly (In fact, Mike proposed to Melanie at a Flogging Molly show...So it only seemed appropriate that they got married during the Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise 2015...) 

Yours truly, Sabrina and David on the aft deck overlooking the fantail on the NCL "SKY" -the lights on the horizon are other cruise ships in the Caribbean. 

Melanie and Mike on the Norwegian Cruise Lines' Private Island of "Great Stirrup Cay" in the Bahamas.  

So we had already "sealed the deal" with Mel and Mike to shoot their wedding photography while we were on the trip.  We had originally decided to make this a "pure vacation" and not bring any cameras...As photographers...It's hard to leave ANY cameras at home...But when we heard their AWESOME story, we were like..."PUSH ALL THE CHIPS IN...WE'RE IN ON THIS ONE!!!" Well, word got out and we arranged with a few other couples for something better than "regular" (read BORING) souvenir photographs of the trip for them...So we arranged for a few "mini sessions"...Like the Fish and Betty Wilson's...

An absolutely WONDERFUL "souvenir" shot from a session with Matt "Fish" Wilson and his lovely bride Betty from their balcony suite on board while we were anchored off of Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.

Our traveling companions The Timmerman's at Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.

This is NOT the "souvenir" pic you get off the boat!  You only get this from IKON baby!!! 


So...We had an absolutely amazing time...SO much so, that you should got to http://www.floggingmollycruise.com/ and get in on the action.

Moreso, if you are going...You should hire us to provide you with some absolutely AMAZING photographs of your trip! 

We agreed with our children (a 15yr old foster son, a 14yr old bio son, a 2.5 yr old bio boy, and a 7 month baby girl) that if we went on the Flogging Molly Cruise, we'd take them to Disney World...We didn't think they'd do a SECOND...ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT!!! So that precluded a second Flogging Molly Cruise...So honestly, being of modest self employed family owned photography means, we can't actually afford to do both...But we are willing to work ON the boat to pay for our passage...

That's where you come in...


What we're offering: 

While we're on the 2016 cruise...We'll work with you.  We will get to know you, we'll make some amazing images for you and yours and then you'll have them as amazing souvenirs of one of the most kick-ass times of your life!!!

Pricing Info:

“Salty Dog Session” – 30 minutes of your choice of location ON THE BOAT, with 10 digital images, completely edited and retouched available via download.  - $100

“Shore Leave” – 30 minutes of you/yours shot on shore either in Nassau or Great Stirrup Cay with 10 digital images available via download $150 –We’ll be in Nassau from beginning to end and can link up with you where we’ll shoot –You make sure we get where we’re going if its way out!

“Sundowner Session” -45 minutes of “PRIME TIME” Sundown photography.  – The absolutely most AMAZING time for photographs on the boat.  Starts 30 minutes prior to sundown and continues until 15 minutes after.  These make literally the most spectacular photos! - $200 with 10 digital images available via download.

“Salty Souvenir Shots” – Will shoot you/yours for a couple of quick snaps for $25 for 2 full res shots.  You get em via download once we get back.   Great for profile pics on social media or a great keep sake once you’re back and still hungover! 

Don't wait!  Contact us!  We are trying to pre-book as many sessions as we can ahead of time to offset the cost of booking for this next cruise! 


One love,

Sabrina and David

For more images from Salty Dog 2015 check out:

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