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Who we are.

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Who are we?

Did you know, that when David was three years old, he stuck a frog in his mouth, and when he spit it out, he was afraid for weeks after that he was going to get warts on his tongue, because surely the frog had to have peed when he got scared in his mouth, and that's how you get warts right?

Now you know something that only our closest friends and family knows.  Guess what that means?  You're now one us! 

People often only get to know others on a superficial level in business.  Do you really know that much about the guy you bought a car from?  Do you know how many kids the manager at your local grocery store has?  Do you know their names?  Do they know much about you? 

Well at Ikon Photographs, we truly feel that once you become part of our clientele, that you're more than that.  We believe that initial relationship is more important than just "You pay us money, we take your pictures." simple...To us, you become part of our extended family.

We have been so fortunate to be present at our family of clients' birthdays, wedding days, births of their children, graduations and other seminal moments in their lives.  We get invited to some of the most important days that you'll ever experience! Of course we're family! You don't invite just any old strangers to your wedding! 

Let us tell you a little more about us.

Mother's Day - Each year Sabrina schedules her own photoshoot.  This was two Mays ago, David, Chase, Sabrina and Mr. Bradford on Sabrina's lap.  (Ms. Maggie hadn't come along yet. :) ) 


About David 

David was born in Magnolia, Arkansas.  His family moved to Natchez, Mississippi when he was 3 years old and it was there along the banks of the "Old Man River" that he grew up.

He has an extensive art background and has been classically trained/educated in a wide variety of media but found his "true love" artistically with photography.  He has operated his own professional artistic business in one fashion or another since he was 17.  

Artistically speaking, one of his greatest influences is the natural landscape.  The beauty that is all around us in creation serves as the perfect canvas in which to create awesome portraits including our clients.  It is this love of the natural environment that influences so much of his work.

-Sabrina, Bradford, Sabrina (and Maggie) at Sabrina/Maggie's maternity shoot.

About Sabrina,

Sabrina is a native of the St. Louis area and loves all there is about the "Biggest small town in the upper South/Lower Midwest"...

She and David met one fateful night on a "blind date" at The Pasta House and they've been together since.  

Sabrina's original background is in social work.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has spent a number of years working in the field to help children in the foster care system.  A few years ago, she exited field work to instead work as Ikon Photographs' full time business manager.  She and David also decided that to continue their commitment to helping kids in need, int that they would participate as Foster Parents and provide up to the highest level of staffing in order to help the highest of special needs children in the system.

While her background is not necessarily an artistic one, being married to a full time artist/photographer allows her constant access and exposure to a variety of influences that helps her to "be all things to all people" when it comes to working with Ikon.  She's even managed to get involved in a number of the actual photography projects that are going on throughout our scheduling.  You just might see her at your wedding or special event running our custom red carpet/photobooth area.









About the Kiddos..

(Yes, we're including them...because they are part of who we are!)

Chase is 13 and is interested in the typical 13 year old things...War, History, Legos, Girls...(that's a new one that's taking Sabrina and David a minute to get used to...) and is extremely bright.  Though as he gets further into teenager territory, his parents are starting to wonder... 

Bradford is 2 going on 22 and is his father's child.  He IS Mr. Personality.  He likes Cookie Monster, Johnny Bravo (Dad is influencing his TV habits.) At the ripe age of 2, he is a certified chocoholic and may well have to enter a 12 step program before he gets to kindergarten.

Ms. Maggie (Magnolia) is now 4 months old and is just starting to come into her own with her own brand of giggles, chortles and squiggles that will melt even the coldest of hearts! 

-Unfortunately, due to state privacy/confidentiality regulations, we are not allowed to disclose any photos or information about our foster kiddos.  We do have one young man who has been with us for the last few years who has really grown into an impressive gentleman since he's been with us from have 13 on to his way to his 16th birthday.  We'll be working with him on getting his driver's license this year and he looks froward to getting a job at one of our local grocery stores in town.  We're very proud of who he has become and celebrate his development despite the background he's had to overcome! 




What else you should know about us:

We love family!  We love our family, and we love when others become part of our family!

We're based in Creve Coeur, but we travel with ease!

We are a full time-full service professional photography business. 

We look forward to working with you for your big day's events! 

We LOVE our jobs, both as photographers and parents!

Life is too short to look back on it and see only bad photographs!  We'll make sure you have absolutely beautiful memories! 

Time is running out!!! Contact Sabrina to schedule an in-person consultation today!



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