Friends, Family and Relations

We're having some "hard traveling" as old Woody Guthrie once sang about and could use some help.

A few weeks ago, one of our main cameras took a nose dive and thus refused to work.

We figured "Well, we've got insurance, it won't be that bad."

We were wrong.

Our insurance has completely failed us. 

We have a $500 deductible. Market value on the camera is around $1000.

Our insurance will reimburse us market value (-) depreciation to the tune of 40% of current market value.

That means that after our deductible and depreciation, they would pay out $100 and THEN jack our rates.


So we sent the camera off to see about getting it repaired.  

We were feeling REALLY good about that option as the original "general estimate" that we were quoted which was about $250.

We were wrong again.

In examining the camera, it seems that the fall pretty much toasted the camera.

It will cost $914.52!!!!!!

We know..."But you're rockstar photographers, don't you just have stacks of money sitting around?"

If only that were true.  While we do own literally THOUSANDS of dollars of camera equipment, business hasn't been what we had honestly hoped for this year.  We've also been dealing privately with some other health/financial/life issues...

It's been a wild year, let's leave it at that.


My friends and family that know me, know that I am rarely one to ask for help.  I always do my best to figure a way out of things.

I feel like I've run out of options to figure this one out.


My amazing wife, had a great idea.

"Let's have a print sale." she said.


"There's no way we're going to sell enough prints to help pay for that."  I said.

"We will if we leave it up to folks to pay what they want/can." she said.


"Fair enough.  We've got nothing to lose." says I.


I've always thought that the whole "" thing is both great but at the same time a bit much.

 I personally can't just ask people for money.

But here's what I can do.


We have a HUGE catalog of images at:

-Literally hundreds of fine art type images that I have shot all over and in all sorts of genres.


Here's How It Works.

You decide what print/s you want.

Go to and paypal your donation to us at:

[email protected]

In the comments for the donation, let us know what print/s you want, what size etc...

We have your work printed and ship it out to you ASAP (2-3 business days).




Q.  "Why don't you just buy another good "used" camera?

A. We considered that, but to get one that is similar to the one that is being repaired, it would be similar in price and after this one is repaired, it literally will be "as good as new".  In repairing it, it will be restored to "factory new" conditions.  So we know this one will be a "winner" and not a "buyer beware" situation of buying another used one.


Q. How long will it take to get my artwork?

A. Our printshop generally prints orders from us within 1-2 business days.

 After we pick your order up, we'll take it to the Post Office and ship it right out.


Q. How long will you be doing this sale?

A. Ideally, we'd love to raise enough funds to cover the entire cost of the repair.  Hopefully it won't take too long.  So let's say as long as it takes to get the $900 raised?


Q. Would you sign or personalize any of the artwork?

A. Absolutely, just let me know what you'd like and we can do that!


Q. Why don't you get a real job and pay for your own camera?

A. What do you think I'm doing?  I'm trying to sell my artwork so I can get back at 100% efficiency.


Q.  What if I want something bigger than 8x12" can I work something out with ya'll?

A. Absolutely, we can figure that out if you're interested in larger prints.


Q.  Is this deal good for some of your series work?

A. Yes, in fact, this would be a great way to get a whole series (Ghost Ships, JackOLanterns, Elysium etc...) 


Q. How do I order?

A. Sending either an email to ikonphotographs at or get on Facebook and message us from 

Q. Is this a sales promo or gimmick?

A. I promise you, it is no sales scam, or us just trying to get $.  If I had any other means at this moment, I would go for it instantly.  Putting myself out there like this not only hurts my pride a bit, but also is risky because, what if nobody likes anything enough to even get it at a donation...Ugh...  That's one reason I went ahead and included a copy of the estimate from precision so everyone could see that I was on the level with things...Even to the point of leaving personal info on it.  Call em up and ask em!  (Give em a credit card # and pay the bill if you would like ;) I'll name the next memorial wing of the photography studio after you! :) )