Ikon Photographs Announces "Free Art Fridays" -A "socially responsible" give-a-way.

February 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Get your free art on from Ikon Photographs!!! A few years ago, we started something that we didn't know would end up being what it is today.  We're talking about  "Free Art Fridays".

While David was still pursuing his degree in art and taking LOTS of photography classes, he used to produce a LOT of photographic prints.  We're talking literally stacks and stacks of prints.  While they might not have passed the muster of either the photographer or the professor, they were perfectly acceptable to the "average" person who might not know that a corner needed to be burned here or there, or a 1/2 point measure of contrast was needed to be added.  Photographers (and other artists for that matter) are known for NEVER throwing their work away.  Instead, David would take it in to where he worked which consisted of a large group of very artistically minded people, and he would place a stack of prints for anyone and every to take home with them on the lunchroom table. This tradition became known as "Free Art Friday".


Now that David's all grown up and running his own photography business (with the irreplaceable help of his awesome wife Sabrina!)...We decided to revive "Free Art Fridays" as a way to give back to our friends, families and fans, and also help get the word out about how awesome Ikon Photographs is!  (How many photographers or photography business do you know just "give" their work away?) 


Ok, so here's the deal...

Each Friday (Maybe 2am Saturday morning depending how busy we are...) we'll post a photo of an historic figure or celebrity that "should" be a bit difficult to figure out the identity of.  The first person to guess the correct identity of the person in the photo, wins a free gallery quality art print from Ikon Photographs' Extensive Catalog of Images. We can't promise what size (generally we have 8x10's or larger) or the subject (but we've got some KILLER extras) but we can promise you a free piece of original art!

Some rules:

1. You have to have Ikon Photographs liked on Facebook <----Click on "Ikon Photographs" back there to go to our FB page.

2. You must share the Free Art Friday post on the Ikon FB page for that Friday to be eligible to play that round. (It helps get find out about Ikon!)

3. You can guess as many times as you want, but the first correct answer from folks who have done liked us and shared the post will be the winner.

4. Once you receive your free print from us (We can either mail it, or if you are local to the STL area, we can arrange pickup/dropoff). we'd love it if you'd take a quick picture of it and post it to your facebook and tag us with something like. "Thanks Ikon Photographs for the Free Art on Friday!" 

So yeah...That's pretty much it.  It's our way to spread some beauty in the world and do a little PR at the same time!  

Good luck and....


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