The Power of the Crop

October 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It's October...That means harvest time is here...So let's talk about crops! -Yes, I did just make that pun...

Well, we're not talking about corn mazes and pumpkin patches...we'll save that for the portrait sessions with your wonderful families!

Often, people will cut portions of a photograph away, either because they don't like certain elements (Your intoxicated Aunt Jenny passed out at the Christmas dinner table is or isn't a great opportunity to crop for instance!) or because parts of a photo may distract from the rest of the elements in the photo.  One of the most powerful post processing tools at the disposal of a Professional Photographer is the cropping tool.

Ikon Photographs recently had the opportunity to photograph the immensely popular band Nine Inch Nails during their tour through St. Louis.  That opportunity also provides a great example of the "Power of the Crop" that we thought would be a great chance to display some of the awesome work we get to do!

This is the original frame that I shot:

A wonderful shot of The guys (and girls) of Nine Inch Nails, doing what they so wonderfully do.

However, as I was looking at this image up closer after it was imported into Adobe Lightroom...I decided that I REALLY liked the composition of Trent Reznor and his backing vocals singers.  Time to crop! The area to be cropped is highlighted in the red box in the image below.

See that?  Ooooh, It's going to make a really nice close up shot from a much larger photo.  So we do what we do in the magic of the lightroom.  In the old days, we would be doing basically the same thing, we would be projecting only the part of the image that we wanted, and enlarging it in the printing process during the days of film.  Today it's much easier, and much faster.  However, the effective use of the crop is just as relative.  

Yes, the image enlarges significantly, and fortunately with today's full frame and high megapixel technology in professional cameras, not much detail is lost.  We cleaned this image a bit, edited it up a bit to give it a more artistic feel. and Voila.  A print worthy of any NINophile's collection of photos.

So, next time you have a photo that you're looking at, and you just want it "plain and simple" or something just calls to you...

Think "Rocktober"  Think "Crop"...That was bad...Sorry!

Hats of to Nine Inch Nails for the AMAZING show they put on 10.01.13.  It was great seeing them all again! 

Check back next time when we look at lenses and what all those numbers mean! 



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